SHAAKE Mobile Application Demo

This is an extremely rough version of our phone application - it is a proof of concept. The main purpose of the application is for outreach. We want to share our passion for space based research and SHAAKE with the whole world. The primary functions of the application will be:

- "Sky View" -> You can see live images from orbit straight on your phone. From SHAAKE's CMOS camera, downlinked directly to your phone!
- Information about our mission, the competition (Canadian Satellite Design Challenge), and our team
- Live updates about our mission's progress pre and post launch
- Dedications to our amazing sponsors
- Live graphical information about where the satellite is in orbit

...and more!

If you would have questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact us at

For more information, visit us at

If you would like to help sponsor our team, please contact us at - we really need your help to make sure our mission succeeds!

Thank you!

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