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Latest CubeSat payload video clips, including our favorite private payload clips for CubeSat, PicoSat, PocketQube and small satellite owners and operators.

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  • Tests of the Hy800 "Corvette" rocket engine produced by WARR. It's powered by a solid-liquid fuel combination of HTPB and liquid oxygen (LOX) and operates as technology demonstrator of the... source

  • Dragon's deployable solar arrays were developed from scratch by a small team of SpaceX engineers. This video shows a solar array full deployment test using testing equipment developed by SpaceX... source

  • This particular video was taken at Kirkland Air force Base during the Flight Competition Review (FCR) for the University Nanosatellite Program (UN-7). I appologize for the wobliness of my... source

  • We have been asked to show a part going through the initial coating process for creating Vantablack S-VIS/S-IR. This is just the first step in the process, but it's also the most difficult,... source

  • source

  • Full exploded view of 1.5U cubesat with all main components installed. Subsystems: EPS: Power module +Solar panels Communication module Antenna UHF (Deployable) Patch Antenna Structure Onboard... source

  • Video detailing work performed by the Rowan University CubeSat/MemSat Power Subsystem Clinic Team during the Spring 2017 semester. source

  • A closeup shot of the J-2X rocket engine shows how it was gimbaled during a June 14 test on the A-1 Test Stand at Stennis Space Center. A summer series of ... source

  • Getac PS535F - the new fully rugged with a high sensitivity GPS receiver, E-Compass, altimeter and a 3M pixels auto-focus camera, is perfect for GIS applications. It is equipped with built-in... source

  • A quick video showing my sun and other various things in my new up-coming space-orientated sandbox game "Spacebox". WATCH IN 720p!!! ---:SONG:--- [Edited by myself] Track 03 - Mombasa Suite... source

  • Updated Version. source

  • Flight Test of Interorbital Systems Common Propulsion Module, from Trailer to Sky :-) source