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Latest CubeSat experiment videos, including our top payload experimentation clips for CubeSat, PicoSat, PocketQube and small satellite owners and operators.

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  • Plume testing experiment. Separation charge at the end blows the motor out the aerospike. source

  • Have you ever wanted to try your inventions or experiments on Mars? Would you like to experiment with measurements taken on the Martian surface? OpenCuriosity is an open source, exomars rover... source

  • Second round video about The Only Way is Up project which was coordinated by Dr. Norah Patten. Through an agreement with NanoRacks, the first experiment designed by Irish secondary school students... source

  • The experiment Suaienadh was launch onboard the REXUS 12 sounding rocket from the Swedish space port ESRANGE in Kiruna on the 19th of March 2012. The experiment had the purpose to deploy a... source

  • Using the Ardusat Launch Pack check out how you can build a modern day data collection "egg" for experimenting. You can use this design to enhance an egg drop experiment or attach it to a tethered... source

  • The PolySat and CubeSat team visited Vandenberg Air Force Base this morning to watch the launch of Exocube on a Delta 2 rocket! source

  • In 1958 America launched their first satellite Explorer-1, discovering the van Allen belts and launching the space race. In 2008 students at Montana State are re-flying this science experiment... source

  • NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took a photo in early April with its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera that shows frost build up in a number of gullies. Some seasons... source

  • Mitchell Kurnell presents his Summer Project at NASA. Monte Carlo Simulation of NASA's AdEPT Pathfinder CubeSat The Advanced Energetic Pair Telescope (AdEPT) is a project being developed... source

  • High Powered rocket with Go Pro HD onboard climbs to 82km and releases a custom built aluminum case with the GoPro HD inside. Rocket is the REXUS 910. The experiment was successfully recovered... source

  • ESA YES2 Mission (full resolution) This ESA space experiment was executed in orbit as shown on 25 September 2007. The YES2 project, lead by Delta-Utec, involved 380 students, of which 180... source

  • View from the exterior camera module of the experiment FREDE (HackHD camera). - Launch - INTEX hatch sound - FREDE pumps sound. source